Thursday, October 30, 2008

Desserts are necessary for sanity

As much as I love healthy food, I love sweets. Some people crave salty food, I crave chocolate and cookies and cake and SUGAR. While I usually subside those cravings with fruit, gum, or a mint, sometimes, it's good to indulge. Everything in moderation.

I stumbled across this recipe when drifting from blog to blog to blog. When I saw it I thought, no way, that can't be right. I would NEVER put that ingredient in a sweet food. It defies convention!! It's like putting apples with pasta or sugar in salad.

What is it already?? Are you ready? 'Cause this recipe is goooood and I don't want you to be thrown off by the secret ingredient. Just trust me.

Black Beans. Yes, black beans in brownies!!

There is nothing more to say about this recipe as it is a splurge in your repertoire of otherwise really healthy foods (just nod your head). Just look past the cup (cup!) of butter and look at all those antioxidants in the chocolate and beans. And promise yourself that you'll only eat that one piece. Okay, maybe one more. It has fiber! - you say.

Enjoy it while it lasts, because I'm sure this sweet won't last long in your house.

(While I would love to post pictures, they don't do justice to the ones already on the site that I found the recipe. Plus, I'm just lazy tonight. ; ) So check out the recipe and pics on this site here! And promise me you'll come back. Please?)

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